Blazer Football Fire Still Burns


Within just months, UAB football has gone from certain death to probable resurrection.  College Sports Solutions released their report to the UAB Task Force to show a “comprehensive review of the intercollegiate athletics financial enterprise at UAB.”  Among the focused portion concerning football, the report states that the Conference USA affiliation and lack of football now will cost the school two million dollars with its lame duck status.  The report also details loss of revenue “paid back” to the University with tuition, books, etc from scholarships that are now lost (including a whopping 60% of out of state costs by the three sports that were extinguished).

The CSS report also says “An additional negative impact of discontinuing football is the impact the announcement had on other sports with regards to recruiting and donor relations. One particular head coach provided us with emails documenting both the loss of multiple recruits/commitments and multiple donors, including a $1 million pledge (the last information we received is that relationships with these donors is being repaired).”  You can read the entire CSS report here. CSS Report on UAB Athletics

The report also includes basics such as changing the fiscal year of UAB Athletics from it’s current October 1 to September 30th slate to a more tradition one such as July 1st to June 30th, which is used by the University of Alabama.

The one disturbing fact is that in the last three years, season ticket sales for UAB football has landed between only 6-7000.  That ranks in the middle of the pack for Conference USA.  But there is no denying the ground swell of support from the city, students and even non bias observers on reinstating UAB football.

Many predict this report is just the prelude in the announcement that UAB football will be reinstated.  University President Ray Watts is reviewing the report and will make his formal announcement on June 1st.

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