Climbing Towards History

Less than 400 people in history have ever summited the 7 tallest mountains on the 7 continents in the world. Birmingham’s Kent Stewart has tried on three separate occasions to join that list.  Once, sickness felled him at base camp.  Last year, the avalanche tragedy involving the Nepalese guides interrupted his quest and this year the earthquake brought death and more tragedy.

Will he try again? Stewart told, “Yes. I was not disappointed this year that the climb was cancelled because of all that happened. I’m fortunate to be alive. And to be honest, the time I spent helping with the injured and getting our teammates down from the mountain was probably the most satisfying two days of my life. I am so glad I was in base camp that day so that I could be a part of the rescue effort. But it is still my goal to complete the Seven Summits and I fully expect to do that before I hang it up.”

Click on the video and watch his preparation in 2014 for his climb of Mount Everest.

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