There’s Mo to Bo


The incomparable Bo Jackson. The Nike slogan which would become a catch phrase was “Bo knows….”. But, let’s reverse that. Do we “know” Bo? Sure, we have enjoyed his athletic prowess, argued over whether he is the greatest athlete of all time and more….but, do we really “know” Bo? Listen to this podcast from the vault of and get to know another Alabama treasure. A man who is far less impressed with his athletic achievements than we are, yet strives to get the attention of some more deserving. Learn why his hip injury that cost him his career was not a big deal to him. Learn why Bo was going to shock the world with an announcement before the injury. Learn why Bo isn’t the most influential person in his own household. Click and listen to know there is “mo to Bo” than meets the eye.


Bo Jackson won the state decathlon championship for McAdory High School.

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